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What is a Will and why do you need one? 

With Simple Legacy you can secure your family’s financial future and peace of mind at the most stressful and upsetting of times. By making a Will with us you will have the certainty of knowing what would happen to your assets, possessions and even your body, after your death.

A Will is a legally binding document which tells your family what you want to happen to your money and possessions when you are dead. Should you die without a Will, the law will decide who gets what from your estate and this may well not be what you had thought or intended.

If there is no immediate family your money and possessions may end up with the Crown.

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What type of Will suits you?

We offer two types of Will, a Single Will and a Mirror Will. A Single Will is usually suitable if you are single, widowed or divorced and making the Will just for yourself.

A Single Will gives clear and precise instructions to your surviving family and friends about what you want to happen to your estate.

A Mirror Will means that you will be in step with your spouse or partner when you share the same wishes about what will happen to your estate after you die.

What is an LPA and why do you need one ?

A Lasting power of Attorney or LPA is an effective way of ensuring your physical and financial wellbeing is protected if you can no longer safely manage your own affairs. An LPA can also be made for your spouse, partner, both of you or for a member of your family.

With an LPA you can appoint trusted people, for example family members, to manage your affairs. Then, once registered the LPA can either take immediate effect OR is ready in place should it be needed.

There is both a Single LPA, which would protect an individual, or a Mirror LPA, which would protect both an individual and their spouse or partner.

There are two types of LPA, one for financial decisions and one for healthcare provision.

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Types of LPA

There are two types of LPA. Health & Welfare and Property & Financial Affairs. You can choose to make one type or both.

A Health & Welfare LPA would give an Attorney the power to make decisions with regard to your daily routine, i.e washing, dressing and eating. Additionally it would also give an Attorney power to make decisions about your medical care, moving into a care home and life-sustaining treatment. A Health & Welfare LPA can only be used when you are unable to make your own decisions.

A Property & Financial Affairs LPA, gives your Attorney the power to make decisions about your money and property. This could be managing your bank or building society account, paying bills, collecting benefits or a pension, or even selling your home. It can be used as soon as it is registered, with your permission.

Select your Product(s)

We have simplified the process of planning your future and purchasing a Will and/or LPA. With us you will not have to search through the small print or telephone us to find the price.

You will find our full range of products and package deals on our Purchase Page.

Choose your product(s) on the Purchase Page and pay. You will then be sent a link to our secure online form. We will then arrange your telephone appointment. Your documents will be written and sent to you by recorded delivery or registered post.


Your Details

At Simple Legacy we have designed a quick and easy on-line form so that you can provide us with all the information we need to write your Will and or/LPA. It is intuitive and can be completed in minutes.

We recognise that the security of your personal information is vitally important and we can assure you that it will be securely stored.

We are registered with the Information Commissioner’s Office and operate strictly in accordance with our  Privacy and Cookie Policies which can be found on this site. We are fully GDPR compliant.

Phone Appointment and delivery of your Documents

Once we have your online form we will contact you promptly and arrange a telephone appointment. If you prefer a video appointment this can be arranged. During the appointment we will take you through the draft Will or LPA, which we will have written and make sure that what is said is in accordance with your instructions and best reflects your wishes.

Once we have done this we will then make any necessary amendments and create your document ready for sending to you. Your documents will be sent by recorded delivery or registered post.